Shamanic sessions

Experience a Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Imagine laying on a soft fur rug, with the scent of sage from smudging still lingering in the air. You are very comfortable, with a pillow under your head and knees.  You feel an anticipation of what is to come, and you know you are safe and cared for.  The sound of drumming  begins to lull you into a dreamy state and you find your breath deepening as you relax.  You become aware of the person next to you, and you welcome their presence because you know they are connecting to your spirit guides. You continue to drift in that lovely state of  gentle awareness and you may find yourself in a moonlit meadow, or on the shore of a distant sea. You feel the presence next to you shift, then blow a breath into your heart, then your crown, and as the breath enters you, you feel an expansion, a familiar and loving sense of being, and it seems that you can "see" a beautiful light enter your body.  You continue to float as the drums beat, and again, this breath is blown into your heart, and crown, filling you with that lovely light and familiar presence.  The sound of a rattle gently surrounds you then a whisper in your ear says "welcome home'.  


Shamanic healing sessions

All sessions include

 Smudging with sage and a time of settling in.

A clear explanation of what to expect during the session and what your role is.

Drumming and shamanic work on your behalf

An honoring, and safe sacred space

Time to discuss the healing and experience

The opportunity to place a ribbon on the prayer tree in the garden

Guided visioning

Many times I will guide you in envisioning part of the healing process, especially when working with:

Integration of returned soul parts

Connecting with your animal spirits

Filling with light after an extraction

Soul Retreival

There are many reasons for what we call "soul loss", which is when a part of yourself fragments as a way to deal with a traumatic event. It is your psyche's way of  sparing you from intense pain or upset. we all experience "traumas" as we move through life, these can be; your parents arguing when you are a small child, an accident, surgery, serious illness, and abuse.  There are many other forms of trauma and all usually result in some form of soul loss. Shamans address this by journeying into the spirit realm with a spirit guide and calling back these soul parts. They then bring back the parts in energetic form and blow them into the client. Returning soul parts bring back gifts, they do not bring back the traumas.

Divination and life purpose

The helping, compassionate spirits in the spirit realm have a much different lens through which to offer guidance. They will reveal a focus or message that is most immediately relevant to what you are seeking help with. There are often tangible actions suggested as well as a broader perspective on the issues we are bringing to them.

One form of soul retrieval is for the practitioner to bring back what it was; talents,  passions,  "work", that excited your soul when to chose to be "you".

Addressing illness

A shamanic view of illness is one of great compassion for the one suffering, and also an understanding that it can be addressed and healed in the spirit realm and thus the physical realm. 

A shamanic practitioner will "travel" to the spirit realm and enlist the aid of helping spirits to seek the source of the illness. there can be many reasons a person is ill, or experiencing pain, anxiety etc. Often extraction is part of the process, as is working on healing of core issues related to the 'dis-ease".


The term "extraction" may sound a bit off-putting but extractions are a very integral part of shamanic healing work.  They are done on a physical and spiritual level, they are painless and are always followed by a filling with light.

An extraction involves the removal of "that which does not belong"  which can take the form of heavy energy, energetic blocks held on a cellular level, emotional energy, and attachments associated with addictions, as well  as those identified as "entities."

Removing Energetic Cords

When we are in relationships we often form cords between us and the one we love. This occurs in many types of relationships.  these cords are actually an unhealthy type of energetic link and often cause energy drains. In romantic attachments these cords can remain and make it very difficult to move forward after a breakup.  Heart "threads" are links on the energetic and spiritual level that are healthy and eternal, and are very different from "Cording".

Distance Healing

Because I work in the spirit realm, I can do much of the Shamanic Healing work without being physically in a client's presence. I prefer to do soul retrieval  and most extraction work in person because it is a direct energetic exchange. 

Entity removal is very effective  over "distance", as is divination, counseling, and leading you through a shamanic journey through guided visioning.

Land & House clearing & blessings

Very often in these modern times when houses are built there is no ceremony honoring the spirits of the land, calling in and thanking the ancestral spirits of that place. We no longer acknowledge the  spirits of the materials used in the building and landscaping. this can lead to a sadness in the land, or a feeling of emptiness, or unrest.  

I perform ceremony to honor these spirits and to welcome them back, to ask them with gratitude for support to the people living now.  I also clear any negative spirits or entities.

Dealing with Ghosts

This is known as psychopomp work, which also includes helping people die peacefully.

A ghost is a spirit that is caught between this world and the next, they have not gone through the door of light to the other side. (Once some one has crossed over, they can, and do, come back and "visit" but they are at peace). Most people are concerned with "ghosts" that are  stuck and often cause feelings of unease, and are seen as scary.  Once a spirit is without a body, it can no longer process the energy of emotions so they get stuck in the strong emotion or energy around them when they died.  If the death was sudden, or tragic, or unresolved, they can get "stuck".  I am able to act as a medium and through a shamanic journey, I can call forth these ghosts, find out what they need to process and then help them see the doorway and cross over.


Ceremonies are a wonderful way to acknowledge the spirit world and deepen your connection to the Creator.

I can help you create a ceremony, or lead a ceremony for any occasion, healing,  or reason. 

A few examples are:

 A Fire Ceremony to release old patterns etc. and transfigure it into new energies.

Moving; Thanking the home and land, and calling back all of your energy .

House clearing; smudging, clearing of heavy energy, protection, then calling in of light and love.

Ancestral Healing

Working with and healing our family lines is powerful work and works outside of time as we know it. When you connect with and heal the wounds and burdens of your ancestors (including living family), and heal patterns and "contracts" that may have been passed down the line, you are actually healing the past, present and future.

It is quite remarkable to notice shifts in the present interactions and dynamics when you work with ancestral healing.

This work can also connect you with those that have chosen to act as guides to you now.