Letter of recommendation

Dailey Little, Reiki Master, Santa Rosa CA

"As a verbal practitioner, one can expect to receive not only the calming, restful influence of Reiki, but an accompanying shift in mindset as Elizabeth speaks through her channel of Spirit guided wisdom. She is able to discern the source of this wisdom, making her the rare commodity- a healer who can not only express psychic information but who can also identify ego projections of her clients versus deeper wisdom. This makes for accurate introspection, future forecasting, and real change. 

       I am writing this letter on behalf of Elizabeth Miller, my Reiki Master student who was attuned in 2012....As a business and spiritual center, Healing Heart Reiki adheres to the Reiki Master code of ethics put forth by the International Association of Reiki Practitioners.

      Elizabeth is a gifted Reiki and Shamanic Healer who has the rare gift of being able to peer into the core of a person's soul and articulate what shifts may be necessary for that person to move through obstacles they may be facing. This moves way beyond the scope of Reiki, which is primarily concerned with non-intellectual core balancing. However it is integral to who Elizabeth is as a healer, and it makes her indispensable to any holistic organization for which she may choose to partner.

      Elizabeth has taken Reiki to the next level with her Shamanic wisdom, and as a Shaman she brings out the best of both modalities. She is able to offer a nurturing space while still performing deep healing work such as soul retrieval, entity release and emotional healing. Most importantly, she brings her clients safely back."