Elizabeth (Beth) Morris Miller

Why seek out a healer?

Most of us seek out a healer when we know there is something not working in our lives but we may only have some idea as to what is not working . Maybe we are in physical pain, or our relationships or our jobs, are not fulfilling. Maybe we are struggling with an addiction, or we know we need to make changes but do not have clarity on how or what to change. 

Asking for help is not easy, we have often been taught that we "should" be able to handle things ourselves , but I have found that asking for help begins the process of healing the moment we ask.

Most of us are not taught to seek help from the  unseen world of spirit, we are often taught to pray, which is a powerful way to connect with God, yet there is, through Shamanic practice, a direct way to interact with the healing power of the Universe, of the Divine. 

I asked for help many years ago when I truly hit rock bottom. My entire life was a mess and I felt lost and alone, and really hopeless. I first sought help for my addictions, and as I did the work involved in learning to live sober, as time went by I also discovered a new connection to a higher power, to the Divine. Through this connection, teachers came into my life and I began learning about the shamanic way of seeing and the energies and spirits all around us. I became an eager student, learning Shamanism, and Reiki energy practice, as well as Healing touch modalities. my natural abilities as a Shaman, and as a Healer developed quickly and beautifully. Certainly there was much work to be done, years of self healing, as I learned to also facilitate healing for others.

I now offer this beautiful work to others, with the intention of healing traumas, and bringing back a person's full power so they can shine and live joyfully from their a place of harmony.