Welcome to Sacred Touch

Welcome to Sacred Touch

Welcome to Sacred TouchWelcome to Sacred TouchWelcome to Sacred Touch

Healing for Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit

I facilitate Healing on all levels

Are you ready to Heal?

Are you ready to recover your full self? To shift and change those things in your life that are not nurturing you, that are not supporting you in being your authentic self, to heal that which causes you pain? Are you ready to heal those old wounds, to discover your spirit allies, to connect with and learn to hear the guidance from your spirit animals and guardians? Are you ready to embrace your light and power?! 

You are not "broken", you are a beautiful being who has developed patterns and strategies based on your life experiences. These strategies may no longer be working for you. 

Often as we grow and heal, we become ready to release our "old" ways of dealing with the world and with relationships, including our relationship with ourselves. 

My focus in doing Shamanic work is to help you know all the amazing parts of yourself, your talents, passions, and powerful spiritual allies.  To reclaim your heart, know your authentic self, and release the sorrows and pain that is so heavy to keep carrying.


What is Shamanism

Shamanic Healing is the oldest form of healing on the planet, It is as relevant today as it was 10,000 years ago.  Shamanism is a form of direct revelation; a way to work with the "unseen" spirit realms to heal  ourselves , gain personal clarity, reclaim our power, and connect with and heal the earth.  A shamanic practitioner is "one who sees with the heart"  One of my teachers, Sandra Ingerman, is a well known author and  has several great articles on her website about Shamanism. 


I earned my Reiki Master (which involves the passing on of  knowledge, and attunements, as well as hands on training) from Dailey Little of Santa Rosa. My training is in the Dr.Usui System passed down through a lineage that includes Dr. Hayashi of Japan, and Mrs. Takata of Hawaii. It involves active commitment from the client in their healing process. The Reiki energy is translated as "Spiritually guided life force energy" it is transmitted through the hands of the practitioner and involves restoring blance in the energy body as well as the physical body. 

"Elizabeth speaks through her channel of Spirit guided wisdom. She is able to discern the source of this wisdom, making her the rare commodity- a healer who can not only express psychic information but who can also identify ego projections of her clients versus deeper wisdom. This makes for accurate introspection, future forecasting, and real change."

Home organizing and transformation

I began a home organizing business as well because de-cluttering and creating a beautiful home environment goes hand-in-hand with personal transformation.  Our living space becomes "home"; a space that supports us when it is harmonious with our needs, comforts, and personal style.

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